Quality of Light

We haven’t devoted much time to work around Johnny’s Garden lately, we’ve spent the better part of the past two weekends building sweat equity with friends and family.  This morning we loaded up and went to Rose’s for a ride, so we found ourselves with part of an afternoon at home with plenty to do but not enough time to take on any large, time consuming projects.  So Don worked on the tractor and I turned Yiska out to pasture for the first time this year and then got busy taking pictures.


I started noticing, while I was snapping a few shots of Yiska, how pretty the light coming thru the leaves and grass was,  and realizing how much I’ve missed that.

In the winter, when everything is stark and grey and dull ,  it’s easy to forget what the light can do.  I start to wonder what it is I find so compelling about this place.   Why do we continue to bust our asses keeping up with everything this land and the life we are living requires?  But then spring comes and with it the green, and the light, and my memory.  There are so many things that I love about Johnny’s Garden, but mostly it’s the green that I love so much.  And more specifically what it does to the light.


In the late afternoon before the sun sets but when it’s well in the west the light is filtered by the trees.  It softens and mutes everything, erasing edges and creating an almost dream like quality.

I tried today to capture some of that light magic.  These are a few of my better attempts.

As of today I have taken 2500 pictures of Johnny’s Garden.

I’m not a particularly talented photographer.  Mostly I just take a lot of pictures and sometimes I get lucky.  More often than not I don’t.

But some of these are pretty good and come close to showing you what I see when I go out and walk around.  Maybe they will help me to remember next winter.

Fortunately pictures of flowers are always beautiful,  whether I manage to get the light right or not.

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4 Responses to Quality of Light

  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    Your tractor looks almost ;like my Dad’s. Nice post.

  2. Love your blog and cast of characters, be seeing you guys sometime this Summer, let’s drum!

    • Leiah says:

      Thanks Rosario!! I’m assuming you’ll be working your way slowly North over the next couple of weeks? Stop in and have dinner and visit with us when you get to Alb. Looking forward to hearing more about your winter in Mexico. Welcome home! Hey now the weathers nice we can set up to have drumming outside as long as we don’t go too late.

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