Spring: A Quick Glimpse

I always feel like glimpses are all I get of spring.   It moves too quickly for me to keep up with.  I want to sit back and savor it, but  before I notice spring slipping away we’re  halfway through summer.   I think that’s the reason I prefer autumn,  I really want to like spring best it just won’t slow down long enough.

Quickly then, while spring is still here, an update.

We’re busy dashing from one thing to another trying to at least feel like we’re accomplishing what needs to be done.  This weekend I worked on cleaning up my raspberry patch, it was largely devastated by the ducks last spring before we could get a fence up.  See what I mean about spring?   So, I have a much reduced raspberry patch, which is actually ok because it was way out of control anyhow.  This gives me an opportunity to bring order to chaos.  I may not get many berries this year, but the raspberries will be healthier and more manageable.   Pictures of that project when I get it finished.

Don meanwhile, worked on moving more manure into the raised beds and moved squash and melon from the green house and sowed green beans.  We’ll follow that up in  the next few weeks with tomatoes, okra, peppers, chili, carrots,  potatoes, sweet potatoes, pole beans, and finally corn.

watermelon seedling

squash in one of the new raised beds

imagining delicious juicy watermelon

Don as seen through the apricots

The other really exciting thing  happening right now are the fruit trees, which are going to bear amazing quantities of fruit this year.


Last year we got 5 nectarines.  This year I expect we’ll have buckets.



                                                                                          Apples and pears are also expected to do well.  But the big story, as usual, are the apricots.  I’m already looking forward to apricot nectar, jam, and leather.  This is the third year in a row that the apricots have produced.  Very unusual, and to my way of thinking an unfortunate benefit of our climate warming and changing.

prolific apricots

The geese have laid a huge clutch of eggs and Maude is serious about sitting.   There are probably 20 eggs in her nest, and another 10 or 15 behind her. She certainly is devoted and protective.

Maude with her eggs

Everything is beautiful and in bloom.  I can’t take enough pictures of the forsythia.


And, I know I’ve posted pictures of tulips already, but they were so pretty, and therefore worth one more look.

Occasionally we do take a few minutes to relax and soak in the season.  We call them breaks.  “Come sit down on the porch and drink a glass of tea, take a break.”  During one of those moments last weekend I was lucky to get these shots of Yiska enjoying a good scratch after his first bath of the year.

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2 Responses to Spring: A Quick Glimpse

  1. Incredible pictures, just perfect, thanks for posting!

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