First News from the Garden

We are ways yet from having the garden completely planted and have a number of crops still to plant, but it’s early yet.  We are really pleased with the new raised beds, they’ve allowed us to plant much more in a smaller space and are easier to keep weeded.  Two varieties of beans are up and getting ready to run.  Squash,  onions, leeks, chard and arugula are also in raised beds and have a good start.  Melon and cucumber are not in raised beds but are all doing well and a few of 50 or so okra seeds I planted are up.

The bulk of the garden has been set aside for corn, with a smaller space reserved for tomatoes and peppers.  The garden was tilled and ready at one point but at the moment is a lovely pasture.   That will change soon, we’ll till those rows once more, plant, and then mulch heavily with straw.  Tomatoes and peppers were seeded in the greenhouse in early March and have been transplanted once to larger pots and now are just waiting until the space is ready and we’re sure the danger of frost is over; corn and potatoes we’ll sow directly.   Potatoes are the one thing we need to get busy and do now, but we already have a few volunteers from last year.   By this time next week the garden will look transformed, but here are a few shots of how it looks now.



I noticed yesterday that mulberries are just starting to drop and apricots starting to blush.   I was worried for a time about the raspberries I transplanted but they are making a come back now and I may even get a few berries.  The grapes look promising for the first time in a couple of years.

In the greenhouse we have tons of basil:  sweet and three other varieties as well.  Thyme, rosemary, parsley, marjoram, dill, bay and chives are other staples.  I am really loving the one raised bed we built in there last winter and can’t wait until we are able to make the rest of the beds.  In the meantime, I fight to keep the vines from taking over.  My strawberry patch is already yielding a handful of berries every couple of days– nice but  I’ll  have to wait one more year for the size crop I’d really like to have.  We planted a couple of blueberry bushes in the green house a month or so ago which look really good and are both flush with berries not yet ripe.


That’s the early news from the garden.  We are keeping very busy and have been enjoying a mix of warm mornings and cool evenings with occasional light showers.  Good weather for the greens.

After this weekend it will be time to get serious in the garden but for now we have a busy social weekend planned– tonight we are hosting Sharon and Winter for a front yard concert, tomorrow is the Celtic Festival and then Yiska and I are off to for a short adventure on Sunday.   Hope your enjoying spring and getting your own garden started!

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5 Responses to First News from the Garden

  1. yarrow says:

    looks awesome! our mulberries are coming in, too. and (fingers crossed!) it looks like we’ll even get some apricots off our trees this year! (and of course we would still love to come help harvest yours!)

    have a great time tonight.

    • Leiah says:

      Thanks! I mostly harvest the mulberries by throwing down tarps and collecting whats fallen every day, so there isn’t much work to do. I am going to make mulberry syrup again this year, can I gift you a bottle? Are you wanting some mulberries to make jam? Yay! Apricots, I hope you get buckets full! I’ll have more of the apricots to share than mulberries. We really only have the one mulberry tree that we can harvest the other two drop their fruit into the garden and on top of the greenhouse. The fruit jams have been so popular that I really want to expand on that this year and I’m hoping (and thinking) that the mulberry syrup will do as well. I ended up regretting having given all of the fruit away last year. But I’ll definitely have enough apricots that I can share some with you and I know where there are more mulberry trees we can harvest. Sssshhhh. 🙂

      Enjoy Dandykor, I’ll miss you at the concert.

      • yarrow says:

        i think our mulberry tree, and possibly the neighbor’s tree, if we get as far as harvesting it this year (the neighbors never do, and we keep meaning to ask them if they’d mind if we just took care of that little detail for them) will be plenty of mulberries for us. i believe a cobbler is on the short-list, and we’ve found that they make a magnificent rich red mead as well. we did jam one year, but didn’t really like it as much as some of our other jams. i’d love to taste your syrup!

        it was apricots i had in mind to come help you with! 🙂 thank you for letting us be part of your harvest!

        and yeah, if i had a bilocator, i would totally be at both events tonight. instead, i’ll have to tell you all about dandykor later. 🙂 have fun with Sharon & Winter!

  2. Leiah says:

    I think I have enough mulberries in the freezer that you could make a cobbler, your welcome to them if you like, mulberry cobbler wasn’t a big hit here.

    I look forward to hearing about Dandykor!

    • yarrow says:

      so far, we’ve got enough coming in fresh for cobbler. i’ll let you know! we may take you up on it — frozen fruit makes good mead, too.

      dandykor was spectacular! can’t wait to see Alex’s photos.

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