Summer: Proceeding as Anticipated

Wow, have we got a lot going on!  Which is exactly what I was expecting right about now.  Things are good.  The garden is good, the animals are all good, the humans are good if a bit crazy, it’s all good.  Just busy.

I don’t have any pictures to show you of the garden right now, but I’ll try to remedy that, maybe even this evening if I can get out of the kitchen long enough.   We have green beans about ready to pick and we’re picking our first squash.   Yes we’ve got squash bugs but we’re managing to stay on top of them, so far.  Our accidental cucumber plant is producing nicely.  The first planting of corn is up and off to the races, ditto with quinoa and potatoes;  we’re eating chard regularly, tomatoes are flowering and melons are looking like they are thinking about it.   Only 5 or so of those 50 okra seeds I sowed germinated and that may be a good thing.  So.  You know, things are coming along right on schedule.

Way back in May I canned 200 jars + 3 gallons of mulberry syrup.  That was a lot.  A few weeks ago we picked the cherries and I pitted and froze them.  I’ll make them into something.  Eventually.  Right now its raining apricots and it will be several weeks before that flood recedes enough that I can feel like I’m not drowning in them. All of that is also perfectly predictable and right on schedule.

That’s it from for now from our little corner of the world, how about yours?

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2 Responses to Summer: Proceeding as Anticipated

  1. yarrow says:

    need help with the apricots? just let us know. 🙂

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