Summer Insanity

It’s been awhile since I’ve brought you any news from our little farm, mostly because we’ve had an avalanche of apricots  and  it takes every second from sunup to sundown to keep up,  leaving very little time or energy for blogging.   I can generally be found buried beneath a pile of apricots slowly digging my way out.  It’s turned out to be a good season and as usual we are scrambling to make hay while the sun shines.  I’ve put up a pretty good stock so far and am still at it (these pictures were taken last week.  I’ve doubled this now) I think all total I have 30 quarts of halved apricots processed, approx. 40 jars of jam plus one last batch in the crock pots, 6 gallon bags of puree waiting for me to turn it into leather and still a freezer full of cherries and apricots waiting their turn.   The good part about the upcoming pear and plum harvest is that it will be nothing compared to the apricots.


Fortunately large harvests from the garden don’t happen until after the apricots are gone -isn’t it nice how nature arranges itself?  But with apricots winding down soon there will be beans, corn, tomatoes and peppers coming in from the garden.  My canners are seeing a lot of action this year.  Here’s a garden walk through.





Two last rows of late summer corn sowed last weekend and we’re calling it good- for now.  Our food production has grown to the point that I seldom ever go to the grocery store and when I do its for things like rice, sugar, flour and coffee.  It feels  good to be producing so much of our own food and to have reached a point that we can seriously consider how much energy we can realistically spend producing more than just what we need.  It’s a good problem to have.

And, we have chickens everywhere!  This is a flock that has taken up residence in our front yard and includes several hens with different aged chicks.  They’re fun to watch and if I let Yiska graze in the front the yard its a downright pastoral scene.


We are getting ready to expand our barnyard too.  All along we have been planning on goats and this autumn that goal will finally be realized.   These two cute little girls will come to live at Johnny’s Garden in late August or September!

With the addition of Atsili the barnyard will be full.  I hope Yiska is looking forward to friends!

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