After the Long Winter

So, lets just say this is a seasonal blog.   I’ll admit that I’m not interested in doing much of anything in the winter and then I can quit feeling guilty and procrastinating and just get on with whats happening now.  Thanks for understanding. 🙂

Life at Johnny’s Garden was pretty quiet and mostly uneventful over the winter and if life isn’t perfect the green of spring certainly helps make things better.  It feels good to feel the sun again.

The season is off to a predictable start, seeds are planted in the greenhouse,  which is in desperate need of taming, and greens are nearly ready to harvest.

Don put tomatoes and peppers out yesterday, too soon it turns out,  there was a freeze warning last night.  For now all of the tomatoes and peppers are basking in their own little terrariums.

The saddest news of the year came when we lost Yiska.  It was sudden and unexpected and extremely difficult when it happened.   Life just isn’t the same without him.  It’s a huge  loss for all of us and I suspect it will be a long time before it doesn’t feel as if there is a large void where he should be.  He will long be missed and often thought of.

But, even when life is hard it marches on.  The little colt that I acquired last summer has completely transformed.  When I first laid eyes on Atsili he was pitiful, scared and had never been handled.  This is me teaching him to lead the first day.


To see him now you would never guess he’s the same sad looking little horse in those earlier pictures.  Look at him today,  sweet, confident, calm and handsome and turning into a fine partner.

And then there are these two little beasties:  Sarah and Bluebell the life of party they are always into or up to something.


More about them and everyone else at Johnny’s Garden later, for now there are chores waiting to be done.  Hope your spring is off to a great start!

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One Response to After the Long Winter

  1. don says:

    good post. atsilli has sure come along way from being headed to the killers in mexico

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