Goings On

Things have been pretty laid back on the farm recently.   We put a good day in on the garden over Mothers Day weekend and everything is planted with the exception of corn.  Aside from greens and chard there isn’t much to harvest and not a whole lot to do but wait – and weed.

New this year, we’ve added asparagus and garlic to the bed above to replace what we lost two winters ago and Don is planning a bumper crop of tomatoes to sale.

The spinach and red orach have been huge this year  (these pictures doesn’t do it justice)  most leaves were as big as my hand.  This picture was taken over Mothers Day, the greens were loving the cool weather, but now with temps in the 80’s it is starting to bolt.  I’ll have it all picked by the time you read this post.

The animals are all happy for the long warm days.  Aya Kitty continues her long courtship of Frankie, who is polite, but otherwise not interested.

Jebediah is happy to hang out on the porch as long as it doesn’t involve him having a bath.

Atsili on the other hand is happy to hang out and have a bath as long as it means he can graze in the sun while he drys.

The hens are producing offspring as if it were spring time or something,


which has the rooster thinking he’s something special.

The goats are very busy  playing at getting in trouble,



which is hard work and requires a fair amount of napping in the sun.

Atsili can’t be bothered with goat games, he’s studying yoga in his spare time.

And that’s what’s going on around here.

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