Something New Under the Sun

It starts to become challenging to find something new to say about spring at Johnny’s Garden, the forsythia is beautiful, I try to fill my nose with the smell of lilacs with every breath while it lasts, the tulips are still my favorite and this year my iris’ in the front bed will finally bloom!  Spring is always exciting and anxiously awaited, but it’s shed and seed and shovel every year.  This year though there is something new to talk about; our partnership with Food Karma is off to a great start!  The new energy and purpose is exciting and refreshing, and the work is getting done! Wade, Skyler and Gigi have been showing up every week and the contribution they are making is enormous. If things continue as they have been we should have things at Johnny’s Garden ship shape in pretty short order.


Wade and Skylar have been working with Don to trim some elm trees that over shade the garden.  Meanwhile, Gigi and I transplanted some chard that over wintered from one of the raised beds to a garden row.



Last weekend I seeded more chard and spinach in that same row.  Don has his first beans coming up and the green house is cleaned up and ready for the year with basil and cilantro ready to plant and other herbs awake and starting to produce.

Within the next couple of weeks planting season will be well underway and if the weather holds it will be a good year for fruit.  Our partnership with Food Karma is new and we’re making it up as we go along but so far everyone is enthusiastic and excited. This year will be very much experimental as we figure out what and how much to plant, but if everything goes as planned I think we could near double what we have produced in prior years.

Search and rescue season is also warming up.  We had our first call out of the year a couple of weeks ago to La Jara NM, near Cuba.  It was a middle of the night call out with a find right at dawn, so a good outcome and a good feeling to help reunite a worried family.  The same weekend NMMSAR had our annual horse and rider certification (click on the link to go to our NMMSAR facebook page and see pictures of that certification and follow our group if your interested in that kind of thing) Atsili and I happily passed our certification which earned him a trip to Rose’s to play with his best buddy Chance.



As handsome as he is that’s probably enough about the horse.  Here’s one of the goats and their expectant chicken who moved in and has been sitting for weeks.  The years first new babies are expected any day.









That’s it for now catch you later.

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