The New Deal

A year or more ago Don and I decided that it was time to scale back the garden to something that was more manageable, something that Don could enjoy rather than be oppressed by, so we moved all of the chickens into one coop and intend to re-purpose that empty coop for gardening.  This plan has a couple of advantages aside from just being less work, for one thing the area is already fenced and what was a chicken house is easily transformed into a tool shed.  As an additional bonus there is already water from the well to what is now the new garden.  So, we’ll garden in boxes in this smaller, fenced space.  I don’t have any pictures of this new garden yet, but I’ll post some soon, as we start putting the beds in and  working on getting it ready for planting in spring.

Moving the garden meant that we now had a very large space doing nothing.  Initially we thought we would plant this space with grass as pasture the for goats and horse but it turns out it makes sense to have this space as a small arena for me to ride in, meaning I don’t always have to haul somewhere to ride and I can be at home more.  Getting that done meant having the tractor working and the tractor had been dead for over a year, but late last autumn my brother came to the rescue and spent several days coaxing Otis going again so this winter we worked on enlarging the available space, tilling and leveling what we’re now referring to as my arena.











This is what the space looked like in January, in the top picture you can see what the space that used to be chicken coop and will now be the garden with the red chicken house turned tool shed int he back.  We added about 8 ft. on the west side of the arena space by clearing the area between what was the garden and the irrigation ditch along our neighbor Mary’s fence and cleaning out a bunch of vines and large branches from a tree Don cut down last fall. Now I have a large enough area be able to lope around comfortably.

Having the tractor working again, has also meant  that we could knock out a number of tasks that had been stalled, Don was on that tractor pretty much nonstop for a month, I even got to take a turn or two.

Since I last checked in here Don has greatly expanded his duck and geese flocks, you’ll be seeing pictures of all that I’m sure.  He built a separate enclosure for the ducks and is hoping to turn everyone on to duck eggs this spring.

I on the other hand have been having adventures with Atsili.  We’ve been doing some western dressage training and won our first ribbons at a local training show recently.  We’ve also been doing a lot of trail riding.


I don’t know really what it is that we’re working towards, but whatever it is we’re doing it with a vengeance.






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2 Responses to The New Deal

  1. I love the living life with a vengeance idea! Thanks Leiah! I have enjoyed hearing Don’s tractor nearly every day. Glad he is inspired. Love you two being my neighbors.

    • Marcy says:

      Leiah & Don, I have missed your newsletters & am so happy that you have started them up again. Looking forward to more news from Johnny’s Garden 🙂

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