Better Late Than Never

This entry is long overdue!  I had it mostly completed a month ago; I was all set to tell you about the things that have been going on at Johnny’s Garden this spring, all the baby chickens and drip irrigation in the garden, getting the ditches cleaned out, and then the shit hit the fan.  Both of our vehicles died at the same time, our VW Jetta TDI blew a turbo and locked up the engine with only 86,0000 miles and when I took the old pickup truck in for service the technician who takes care of our truck shook his head sadly and said it’s time for another truck, both in the same week.  Oh yeah, and the well is on the blink too.  Needless to say this threw us for a loop.  Things are better now, Volkswagen anted up for the car repair, which took a month but was 100% free, and we bought a new to us 2003 Dodge Ram pick up which I love.  So we’re back on track with the vehicles and now can work on addressing whatever it is that’s gone wrong with the well and get back to all the other stuff going on this spring….Since we have all that settled, I guess I may as well give you the journal entry I’d prepared a month ago.

Spring has arrived in New Mexico and things have been skipping along at Johnny’s Garden about like expected, we’re drowning in elm seeds, flowers are blooming and Don has been working on getting his new garden together, setting up his raised beds and installing a drip irrigation system, planting tomatoes.  We got the ditch cleaned out and irrigated for the first time early this month and the ducks, geese and chickens are all sitting on nests full of eggs. So you know, the normal stuff.

For several years we’ve talked about getting a wagon to pull with the tractor to make tasks like moving hay, feed, manure, logs and anything else easier since we do a lot of that sort of thing.  Finally in March our trailer was delivered and we’ve been busy hauling stuff to and fro with our handy new wagon.  This has made toting hay back to the barn super easy.

And then, the sprinkler system in the front of the property stopped working.  Well pump on, no water coming out. This is the second time this year that there has been a leak in the sprinkler system that’s fed by our irrigation well. It became obvious pretty quickly that the leak is underneath what we’ve always called “the old shed”. So, that sucks.  Now we have a demolition project to take down the old shed so that we can dig and up the sprinkler line and repair the leak.  Once we got in there and starting removing stuff we discovered the old shed is actually the original pump house, so that’s been interesting but otherwise is just been a dirty chore to tear this old thing down.

Atsili’s been getting the spa treatment this month, a trip to the vet for the for- well for the kind of stuff you probably don’t want to hear about- and to have his teeth floated and get his annual vaccines.  This was followed the next day by a visit from our farrier Thomas.  So he’s all good for another 30,000 miles.

Which is good because we have a lot going on this summer, starting in May with the trainers showcase, followed by my first Lee Smith clinic of this year, then in September another Lee Smith Clinic followed by a trip to Cowboy Dressage World Competition in Murietta California in September.  And lots of training in between, so some big stuff on the horizon for Atsili and I!  More about all of that as the time gets closer.

…And that was the journal entry as I left it a month ago minus the pictures that I lost when I had to do a factory reset on my phone.  Big hugs and thank you’s to our next door neighbor Mary who came and picked us up the night the car died and fed us ice cream to cheer us up, to my best friend Donna who loaned me her truck for two weeks so I’d have something to drive, my mother who loaned me money for two days so I could purchase the new truck before it was gone, and to Don who always does his best to be very patient with my worrying.


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One Response to Better Late Than Never

  1. Mom says:

    Life in the big city. Sounds like our house something to do always. Headed to lowes for weed killer already used 4 gallons. Going to be a bad weed season. Putting an irrigation system in the back garden ran out of line back to lowes. Boy those wagons for the tractor are a must have along with power tools. Later lowes is calling

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