On Ongoing Well Problems

So, I started out this spring talking about making to repairs to sprinkler lines.  We tore down that old well house and made the repairs only to find we were still not getting water through the system, so we had the folks from Rodgers out and had the impeller repaired on the pump only to then find that we have to have a new well drilled.  This whole ordeal has meant  we’ve had something of a difficult summer; the prolonged period of hot, dry weather (with temperatures around 100°  for the entire month of  July) combined with the well being out  of commission had us struggling to keep everything alive on city water and trying to manage the enormous water bills.

Fortunately we’ve recently had some good rain, which has given us some really needed relief, the temperatures have come down and it looks like we may actually get this problem resolved and have a new well by next month, maybe, crossing all our fingers and toes.  The well is on the back of the property and in order for the well to be drilled we have to make it possible for the big truck that drills the well to get back there. This means all kinds of work taking down fences, burying water and electric lines and moving stuff.  Most of these tasks are things we’ve been talking about doing anyhow, for years we’ve been saying how convenient it would be if we could drive the truck all the way to the back, and we’ve always intended to put the water and electric going back to the barn underground.  It’s also an opportunity to do some general clean up and hauling some stuff to the dump, particularly since we now will be able to get back there with truck making loading stuff up so much easier.  So, not all bad news at least there is the motivation to get those projects done.

So we’ve made some progress on getting the fist gate down, widening the “road” and moving the fence. I’ll just say right now, thank God we have the tractor.  Next Don will work on a trench for water and power lines, and again, thank God for the tractor.  Then we’ll be down to taking down a fence and moving stuff.

While Don works on moving the power and water lines I’m headed to Flagstaff with Atsili for a 3 day horsemanship clinic with Lee Smith.  It’s a bad time to go, but it was planned before we knew we would have to have a new well, so we’ve decided that I’ll still go.  I’m feeling a bit guilty that not only will I be going and not around to help, but also that I’ll be taking the truck with me (which means hauling stuff to the dump will have to wait). But,  guilt aside I’m really looking forward to the trip, I love Flagstaff  and horse camping for  3 days with nothing to do but ride is bliss for me.   Plus riding with Lee.  Hopefully I’ll remember to take some pictures, I know you all enjoy looking at pictures of horses as much as I do.

More on the well after I get back.

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