In The Garden 2010

  • July 7, 2010

The garden is really taking off now.  I picked and cooked the first green beans of the year for dinner last night, they were delicious!  The spring greens are pretty much done for the year, and I’m getting ready to start pulling them up and preparing for fall planting.  We’ve installed shade cloth and cages/trellis support for the tomatoes and trellis’ for the beans.  Have a look.

Things that haven’t done very well are cauliflower, broccoli and brussel sprouts.  I just didn’t get them in soon enough.  Maybe I’ll try again this fall.  We are still struggling to keep ahead of the weeds and grass, but I’d guess we’re not the only ones.  The onions seem to be doing ok but not great, I’m not at all sure about the garlic I may need to plant those in an area that gets less water next year.  So far we don’t have any squash bugs we’re keeping our fingers crossed and thanking our lucky stars that we have a hoard of toads who have taken up residence in the garden.

Since my last post the green house has acquired a new pond and I harvested tons of herbs.

The fruit just continues to pour in and be processed and put away until I have more time to deal with it.  That’s it for this month.  Happy gardening!

  • June 17, 2010

We’ve been spending a lot of time fighting weeds this last month!  The area where the garden is now was an overgrown weed patch last year.  Here’s what it looked like in July of last year.

If you look closely you can see Don way back there in the corner mowing.  So its no surprise that weeds and grass are a big problem this year and we each spend multiple hours a week pulling weeds.  So much time in fact that we’ve bought little garden stools and now spend time together chatting in the evening while we while away the evenings pulling row upon row of weeds.   Even the geese are employed to battle the weeds.

Our weeding is paying off though and everything is flourishing.

Greens are the only thing that we’ve harvested so far but we are enjoying fresh arugula and spinach from the garden along with wild dandelion and lambs quarters most evenings.

Tomatoes are and peppers are beginning to flower and set fruit

and beans and corn are growing tall.

Potatoes and squash and melons are starting to sprawl.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been watching the blog you know that while the garden is not yet producing, the fruit harvest is well underway.  We are really hauling in the fruit.  Mulberries, cherries, apricots, black raspberries, and plums are either ripe or near ripe.  When I’m not pulling weeds I’m picking or processing fruit.  The trees and bushes are just loaded!

I will start posting a tally of this years harvest of fruits and vegetables as soon as I can crawl out from beneath the  fruit harvest long enough to add it all up.

  • May 20, 2010

Everything in the garden is doing quite well, particularly considering all of the chaos that’s been going on around here in the aftermath of Don’s surgery.  Everything that will be planted this year has been planted at this point with the exception of the last 1/3 of the corn and beans (planted at 2 week intervals over 6 six weeks to spread the harvest).  I’m running a bit behind getting pictures posted, these we’re all taken last week and everything has gotten a third bigger since these pictures, but here’s a quick tour of last week.

We’ve planted 4 varieties of potatoes all are up and doing well except for sweet potatoes.  I do have some sweet potatoe starts that are rooting in the kitchen window though.  Hopefully those will be ready to go in the ground in time to get sweet potatoes this year.

Bush beans just up.


We’ve planted numerous varieties of peppers.

and a number of varieties of tomatoes as well.





Baby corn and bean.

That’s all for this week, back to the weeding.  Check back soon I’ll try and have updated pictures up sometime in the next couple of days.

  • April 19th, 2010

If you’ve had a look at the blog you already know that the fruit trees are showing signs of an abundant harvest this year.  We have more cherry trees than I’ve ever bothered to count and 8 or 12 apricot trees.  Don says 8 I say 12.  Either way that’s a bumper crop of apricots.  The plums too, seem to be planning to outdo themselves.  We didn’t get apples last year but we will have apples this year for certain.

As for the garden.  All but two of the squash seedlings started in the greenhouse earlier this month have already been planted out, as have tomatoes and chili bedding plants that we picked up at the Alameda green house.  We still have some seedlings of tomatoes, bell peppers, and watermelon that aren’t ready to leave the greenhouse yet.

The quinoa, arugula, and broccoli that I planted out earlier this month are starting to come up and since then we’ve planted potatoes, onions and garlic too.

Most things are still too small to get good pictures of but here are a shots of what is up.

Row of newly planted tomatoes.

and chili.

Mounds of squash

and honeydew melon.

and arugula starting to come up.

Still to plant are corn and beans, scheduled for this coming weekend.

In the greenhouse the chamomile has just germinated, all of the herbs that I had to plant have been planted and I’ve picked up strawberries, marjoram and another stevia plant as well.  Everything is doing quite well.  Now we wait and let photosynthesis do its thing.

  • April 6th 2010

The 2010 growing season has started in earnest at Johnny’s garden, the apricot trees have to all appearances made it safely through our most recent and hopefully last freeze of the year and we are anticipating a bumper crop of apricots as a result! Yum!  Plums and nectarines have blossomed as well, with pears and cherries and Italian plums looking like they are set to burst into bloom at any moment.  The raspberries are showing life as well, and the very young asparagus patch is already nearly through its first sparse harvest season and it won’t be long before the mulberries are dropping on our heads and into cobblers and jams.

In the meantime, with the completion of the greenhouse beds I’ve started to bring in kitchen herbs and so far have planted German thyme, cilantro, Greek oregano, cinnamon basil, spicy globe basil, sweet basil, parsley, Italian oregano, lemon thyme, chives, Texas tarragon, lemon balm, lavender, flat Italian parsley, rosemary and chamomile.  Additionally, this week  I’ll be planting lemon grass, spearmint, bay, stevia, and leeks and garlic.  I’ve ordered strawberries, and more stevia as well.

We’ve also starting seedlings which are at the moment enjoying the balmy weather in the greenhouse while we wait for them to germinate.  Seedlings include crenshaw melon, cabbage, nutri- bud broccoli, cherry tomatoes, German queen tomato, yellow perfection tomato, martian giant tomato, roma paste tomato,tahitian squash, golden scallopini bush squash, bennings green tint squash, butter cup squash, purple beauty sweet bell pepper, sunrise orange sweet pepper, crimson sweet watermelon and last but certainly not least desert king watermelon.

A trip to Alameda greenhouse in search of seed potatoes and chili also netted us several more varieties of tomato, honey dew melon, butternut squash and more onions and garlic.

Outside in the garden we’ve direct sewn cool weather crops, arugula, spinach, quinoa, broccoli.

Still to plant are onions and potatoes which will be going in the ground very soon, garden bush beans, stringless blue lake pole beans, Kentuky blue pole beans, jacobs cattle bush shell bean, and sweet corn.  Its early yet for the corn and beans those we will direct seed in late April.

Stay tuned, we’re only just getting started.


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