Hard Reset

That’s as good a title as any I suppose, a fair comment on life and how things don’t ever proceed the way you thought they would.

Once again, it’s been a year since I’ve written, more than a year this time.  Something about spring always brings me back here eventually, this year is no exception.  This year though things are much different than they were in previous years.  We’re still here, still holding on but the visions have changed, and Johnny’s Garden today is not what it was at the start or what we ever had imagined it would be.

Last year we tried making a connection with Food Karma, the idea being to provide produce for the Food Karma endeavor in exchange for help managing the overwhelming workload that a property like Johnny’s Garden takes to maintain.  And there was a good exchange, but not enough in the end to really make a difference.  There simply are not enough hours in the day, Don is only one person and my own pursuits have kept me largely away for a couple of years now.


I actually wrote those opening paragraphs in the spring of 2015, nearly a year ago.  It’s been almost two years now since I’ve posted to this blog.  My feelings about the blog are somewhat complicated, and parallel the intense emotions I feel about Johnny’s Garden and our original vision for what our lives here would be.  The simple fact is that vision is not going to manifest and we’ve moved away from that and into a new reality that better matches our current circumstances but I haven’t been able to do that with this blog.  Truthfully I haven’t really tried, I’ve just let it sit here and be a thorn in my side and place where I  put my guilt.  Time for a spring cleaning perhaps?  I talked with Don about it today: “I’m thinking about posting in the blog again, but I don’t know how to write about our lives here anymore”.  Practical as always Don said, “write about what you do with your horse, about the ducks and the geese, just write about what we do”.  That seems simple enough right?


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Something New Under the Sun

It starts to become challenging to find something new to say about spring at Johnny’s Garden, the forsythia is beautiful, I try to fill my nose with the smell of lilacs with every breath while it lasts, the tulips are still my favorite and this year my iris’ in the front bed will finally bloom!  Spring is always exciting and anxiously awaited, but it’s shed and seed and shovel every year.  This year though there is something new to talk about; our partnership with Food Karma is off to a great start!  The new energy and purpose is exciting and refreshing, and the work is getting done! Wade, Skyler and Gigi have been showing up every week and the contribution they are making is enormous. If things continue as they have been we should have things at Johnny’s Garden ship shape in pretty short order.

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New Beginnings

Today is the first time in a very long time that I’ve even looked at this blog.  I scrolled through posts and watched all the “anniversary slide shows” that I’ve made over the past few years.  It made me sad, Johnny’s Garden is such a beautiful dream and there has always been more potential here than Don and I could harness on our own despite mostly his heroic efforts.  As for myself I’ve utterly failed Johnny’s Garden the last couple of years.  My heart has always belonged to horses since as early as I can remember.  Looking back I suppose I should have known that once in my life again they would steal me from everything else.  Atsili is a great joy to me, and I wouldn’t give him up for the world.  The  volunteer work I do with the NM Mounted Search and Rescue, is good work and important, something I feel privileged to be able to do, but its time consuming and I saddle up and ride away from my obligations at Johnny’s Garden leaving Don holding a bag he can’t manage by himself.

Not having the man power that we’ve needed to make our dreams for Johnny’s Garden a reality has always been our biggest dilemma right from the start.  If the horses had never come into my life I don’t know how much difference that would have made, we would still be overwhelmed.  Over the years we’ve considered different options for resolving this problem without successfully hitting on the right solution, but now, maybe, we have the opportunity to breath new life into those dreams.

My son Wade did some world traveling a few years ago and came home with some dreams of his own.  He has launched a non profit organization, Food Karma.  It aims to feed a community, good, locally grown whenever possible, affordable food even for those who maybe can’t afford it.  It turns out that Food Karma and Johnny’s Garden have just the resources that each need.  Johnny’s Garden has the potential to produce food, a lot of food, fruits and vegetables, eggs, goats milk.  Food Karma has the youth and energy that Johnny’s Garden needs to thrive.  Food Karma and Johnny’s Garden will join forces to create something that can potentially feed all of our dreams.

This idea is still in its infancy but it is spring, the best time to begin and we have the power to shape and transform that which we set our intention on.  I hope you will be hearing new and wonderful things from Johnny’s Garden and Food Karma as we set out on this new path together.

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Four Years at Johnny’s Garden

Another year has rolled by and its time again for what is now the traditional annual slideshow.  I hope you enjoy watching half as much as I enjoyed making it.

Four Year Anniversary Slideshow

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Goings On

Things have been pretty laid back on the farm recently.   We put a good day in on the garden over Mothers Day weekend and everything is planted with the exception of corn.  Aside from greens and chard there isn’t much to harvest and not a whole lot to do but wait – and weed.

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Probably the Only Flood of 2013

Or, irrigation gone slightly awry.

Most excellent! Say ducks and geese, great for the front yard, ok for the garden and merely a temporary inconvenience for the chickens.  But poor Atsili hates to have his toes wet.  It’s been a hard week for him.



Sorry ‘Sili, life’s tough all over.

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After the Long Winter

So, lets just say this is a seasonal blog.   I’ll admit that I’m not interested in doing much of anything in the winter and then I can quit feeling guilty and procrastinating and just get on with whats happening now.  Thanks for understanding. 🙂

Life at Johnny’s Garden was pretty quiet and mostly uneventful over the winter and if life isn’t perfect the green of spring certainly helps make things better.  It feels good to feel the sun again.

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